The first ultra high definition entertainment platform


atmosphere is the first 4K Ultra High Definition ambience and entertainment platform for luxury hotels, cruise lines, casinos, bars, lounges, restaurants and spas. A pioneering technology and unique content library designed and produced by leading specialists within the sound and vision market.


4K Ultra High Definition is the next generation standard with 4 times HD resolution. The picture is incredibly detailed, sharp and vivid even when the viewer is just inches away. Its hard to imagine the richness of 8,3 million pixels until you experience it yourself.

Exclusive hotels and renowned brands are already atmosphere customers, Sheraton, Pullman, Fairmont, 4 Seasons, InterContinental, Savoy, are to name but a few.

Key features:


First Ultra High Definition plug & Play platform for multiple displays.

• first plug & play 4K platform (using market standard hardware components)

• user friendly and intuitive system, requiring no training


Exceptional picture definition and clarity

• absolutely the highest quality video platform available in the market today

• four times the resolution of 1080p HD Television


Highest sound quality

• true sound reproduction, highest recording and mixing quality

• sampling rate of 192kHz, 24 bit


Exclusive Content Library

• only platform offering a UHD video and audio library for multiscreen entertainment



• exclusive content and software fully encrypted

• hardware encryption key based on the HASP Time Key from Safenet


User-friendly interface

• intuitive user interface comparable to iTunes

• iPad application allows remote control of multiple systems

• scheduling of content playlists for different days and times

• tracking and reporting played content


Online administrative capabilities

• all systems can be managed from a central remote location



atmosphere, the first Ultra High Definition Audiovisual platform for Spas